Wedding Day 1955

Wedding Day 1955
David and Sally and the dress

Friday, September 28, 2007

high-tech grandma?

I have to laugh at myself -- here I am writing a book about cool modern grandmas, up on the latest technology, patting myself on the back because I'm familiar with computers and cell phones and all that jazz -- and then I hit one technical glitch after another. My tape recorder gives me nothing but static, the photos I want to post on my blog come out looking as if they're reflections in a funhouse mirror, and my email freezes. I call for technical help, I ask my fellow writers, I get a special device from my friendly neighborhood Radio Shack. But everything takes soooo long. Oh, if only my teenage grandchildren were here to solve my tech troubles! In this I imagine I'm typical of many grandmas -- we can do it all, but this is one area where we're less likely to teach our grandkids than to learn from them.

What have you learned from your grandchildren this week?

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